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Update 1.05 is now available for "Final Fantasy 15" and it adds quite a few new features, including one that can allow players to become stronger than they previously were.

Facebook courtesy of Final Fantasy XVTimed Quests, additional fishing items among the new additions recently released for 'Final Fantasy 15'

With the new update installed, players should find that it is now possible for them to take their levels up to 120, putting them in a better positon to dominate and defeat different opponents they encounter while traveling inside the game.

Grinding up to level 120 may take some time, however, so while players are doing that, they may want to try out some of the other additional features.

They may even want to prioritize the new Timed Quests that were recently added. As their name suggests, these features may not hang around for that long, so if players have the time, they should probably check these out as soon as they can.

For instance, players may find Chocobo rides a little more interesting now that a portable music player is available to be used while players are taking part in this activity.

Players can now also keep as many as 200 photos, thanks to the increased camera roll capacity, according to the update notes posted over on the game's official website.

Improved framerate for the PlayStation 4 Pro's Lite Mode is also included in Update 1.05.

Along with Update 1.05, developers also recently released the "Booster Pack+" for "Final Fantasy 15."

This new downloadable content pack is a little light as it contains only three items, but these can still serve as helpful additions. Fishing, in particular, may be easier now thanks to the Avior and Dragon Drain included in the DLC pack.

Season pass owners can also snag the Ragnarok included in "Booster Pack+." Weapons by this same name have appeared in earlier installments of the long-running role-playing game franchise, so this is one addition that can be particularly interesting to series veterans.

More details about other new items coming to "Final Fantasy 15" should be made available in the near future.

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